FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

1What is the procedure for execution of the Agreement for Sale?
There are a few well-defined steps that need to be done to execute the Agreement for Sale.
• You first need to pay the stamp duty on the property as made mandatory by the local authority.
• Next, the Agreement for Sale needs to be executed by the Developer/Promoter and the Purchaser.
• As the last step, the Registration of Agreement for Sale needs to be done at the local municipal office.
2What is Stamp Duty and who is liable to pay the Stamp Duty, the purchaser or the Developer?
Stamp Duty has to be paid by the buyer of the property. It is calculated on the total value of your property. The amount to be paid varies from city to city.
3What Home loan schemes are available?
Different banks offer different home loan products with interest rates. You can apply at more than one bank and go with a bank or institution that gives you a better rate of interest or tenure.
4 Can NRIs get home loans?
There are many banks that offer home loans to NRIs. For instance, NRI can avail this facility and book the property in India.